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Drink to Clean Your Kidneys Naturally

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the health benefits that dandelion tea can help your health.

Dandelion is a very common plant, it grows in many countries and different types of weather. Usually, people see this plant as a nuisance and remove them from the place they are, and put them in other places where, according to them, they look more beautiful. The next time you see one, save it. The benefits it brings to health are enormous.

How can dandelion tea help you cleanse your liver

The infusion of dandelion can help detoxify the liver as it prevents the absorption of toxins and helps eliminate those already present in the body. In the early days, this ‘remedy’ helped release toxin buildup caused by excess sugar, alcohol, chemicals, and dyes. Over time, the infusion helped prevent the liver from becoming saturated. In the long run, it also helps to prevent inflammation.

How can dandelion tea help you with your skin

When the liver works well, the whole body purifies and renews itself. Therefore, if you want to cleanse your skin, the best way to start is from the inside out. It’s no use maintaining a super cream routine if you keep filling your body with fat that is difficult to digest and eliminate. Dandelion infusion is one of the most effective remedies against greasy skin and pimples. After 30 days of having a cup before breakfast, you will notice much cleaner and renewed skin.

How can dandelion tea help you cleanse your kidneys

Dandelion is an excellent diuretic. By taking it, you improve kidney function and stimulate the flow of urine. Those who suffer from fluid retention, kidney stones, edema, lymphatic inflammation, and bladder infections will benefit from vitamin A and the potassium in their leaves. Tea also helps in preventing kidney stones and diseases caused by salt intolerance.

How can dandelion tea help you with your digestive system

How can dandelion tea help you with your blood

By helping the liver, the infusion indirectly cleanses the blood. As already explained, this helps to prevent skin rashes, inflammation, allergies, and other infections. The benefits extend to blood pressure as it regulates blood flow, improves circulation, strengthens and cleans blood vessels.

How to prepare dandelion tea

When you have the plant, use only the leaves and root. Don’t use the flowers, they give the tea a very bitter taste. Wash thoroughly to remove all soil.

The leaves can be fresh – freshly picked and washed – or dried – dehydrated in the sun. The important thing is not to keep the cutter sheets too long. If you want to have a reserve, it is best to dehydrate them.

Like any other herb, dandelion ‘swells’ when boiled. Use only a handful of leaves for a cup of water, and let it sit for 5 minutes before removing. We always recommend having hot tea.

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